Kel blasts INEC for not getting PVC, calls Nigeria failed State


Female Nigerian rapper, Kelechi Ohia popularly called Kel has cried out over her PVC which she says was not found when she went to the collection centre.

According to her, all the standing and hustling she sacrificed just to have the PVC were all a waste.

Kel went on to express how disappointed she is in Nigeria which she labeled a failed State.

She shared in Twitter:

So after an hour of standing and hustling, I finally give my temp card to the guy. He comes out with the batch of cards and they can’t find mine.
@inecnigeria How does a card just disappear??????

I won’t even lie, I feel very sad.
When the guy was reading the names and handing our cards, I saw my temp one which was my last card and was happy, only for him to say, sorry you don’t have a pvc. I asked why. He said we just can’t find it.

I was looking forward to voting. To being a part of this process to elect the leaders I want, but as usual, Nigeria broke me and said No, we won’t let you have this.

Not sure if I have hated this country more than in this instant. Can this even be called a country anymore?

Nigeria is a failed state and country. Things as basic as collecting a card you registered for have turned to further maths. @inecnigeria You are a disgrace to the electoral process of something as simple as collecting a card becomes an issues with no reason.

For those of you that have your cards, pls vote with sense. The people you put your thumb print down for are supposed to elevate us as a people and as a nation. Don’t be a waste.
Vote. And vote wisely.

@inecnigeria Thank you for giving me another reason to hate Nigeria.