Jason Derulo thrills fans from balcony after arena gig gets cancelled


American Singer, Jason Derulo sang to fans from a balcony instead of inside an arena after his concert in Prague was cancelled over safety concerns.

The show was stopped at the Tipsport Arena with just hours to go so the 29-year-old did the impromptu gig instead.

Even though he rescheduled for another date he didn’t want his fans to go away empty handed.

He wrote on Instagram: “The love and fellowship we shared last night will be forever tattooed on my heart.”

In a video he posted you see Jason being told by his tour manager that the show can’t go on because of safety concerns.

He then looks worried about the fans saying:”I mean they been outside since seven this morning, all day long bro.

“I’m going outside. Give me a megaphone or something,” he adds.

They go one better and give him a microphone on a balcony at the arena where he sings hits like Talk Dirty and Swalla.

That made fans very happy…