In The Absence Of History By Abiodun Olumide Ogundare


The non inclusion of the historical political evidence of the  Nigeria-Biafra war into the nation educational curriculum system at all levels was a big mistake. Hence, literature serves as the teacher of the unforgettable cruel,  kind war.

Its quite unfortunate that the poor reading culture of the Nigerian populace  helps in preventing people especially the youths from gaining access to the roots (causes) of the war. As a result, they rely on propagandized lores woven to draw pity, sympathy and turns the minds of the youths against peaceful coexistence by some scrupulous elders of their communities which has been passed down from one generation to another.

These ignoramus generations too, refused to know and follow what is true and real. They refused to wake up from their slumber to realise that Biafra, since it was not achieved then can not be achieved now.

They didn’t get to know that it was the lower class people who were offered as sacrificial lambs on the alter of war for the course of Biafra  while the upper class were given supply contracts and passes while the war lasted.

They need to know there was a time when the Igbos led by Ojukwu would say: Ojukwu, nye anyi egbe! Give us gun! Where are they today?


Your hate messages against the Nigerian nation will take you no where. Why don’t you sheath your sword and embrace peace. Leave foolish behaviours to little children. Leave rubbish to the rubbish bins.
I believe so much in the indivisibility of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its existence is non negotiable. Though we have serious challenges that are causes  of agitations in the country but we shall overcome someday.

With endurance, tolerance and love for one another; we shall be united against saboteurs and enemies of our dear nation. Let us therefore play our quotas to the nation’s progress. She needs our prayers too.

God bless Nigeria.

Happy independence.