Iconic Poet, playwright and Actor Adebayo Faleti is dead


Nigerian Poet, Journalist, Actor and Yoruba Translator, Alàgbà Adebayo Faleti is dead.

He died on Sunday,  22nd July 2017 at the University College hospital Ibadan.

Recall that some unreliable bloggers in sometimes in 2014 reported with relish, the ‘death’, of famous, iconic Yoruba author and script writer.

The rumour however was exploded by a statement from the Adebayo Faleti Foundation who confirmed that he was alive, ‘hale and hearty’.

According to Nigeria Politics Online, the Oyo-indigene who had been sick for some time now passed on in Ibadan today. He was aged 86.

Faleti has written, produced and acted in several popular Yoruba plays. he is also known for his poems.

He was a known Yoruba translator, a broadcaster, TV exponent and a pioneer of the first television station in Africa, Western Nigeria Television (WNTV).

He was responsible for translating Nigeria’s National Anthem from English to Yoruba.

He also translated speeches being made by military president of Nigeria Ibrahim Babangida and Chief Ernest Shonekan, Head of National Interim Government of Nigeria, from English to Yoruba.

Faleti published a dictionary containing the formal or official use of Yoruba names.