The Ibadanism By Emmanuel Osele George


    May I quickly school those who are singing ‘rigging rigging’ ahead of Saturday election in Oyo: if you think APC would win, if only they rig then you don’t worth to be engaged in intellectual discourses. Pardon my tone, please.

    Show me a political party (that is winning or had won) that does not rig, I will show you a political party that only run for election outside the planet earth. Smart riggers are winners. If you are knowledgeable you would know that before 2007 elections, all the states in Nigeria used to hold elections the same time… Did you know how we come about differences in our Governorship elections and some others?


    By who? Google should be fair enough…

    I like PDP, especially their party ideologies. Let me at this point emphatically tell you that their winning chance in Oyo is a slim as needle eye.

    I’m not going to talk about the candidate who has no single (known) investment in Ìbàdàn. I would also try not to even talk about baba màdàrú with his mentality of Ibadanism.

    The Coalition

    Akala has taken a very good decision. Yes, Akala almost swore that APC will not win and would not earn his support but the game changed when Ibadanism set in and he was almost pushed out of the game. Ọmọ’ọlọ́mọ kúkú choose the better option for his people, the Ogbomoso. I just hope they understood his gallant decision.

    On the other hand, I pity PDP on their coalition with the’ unpopular’ of ADC. Before you register your disagreements, are you aware that the key members and trees in ADC garden are back to APC? Yes, they left because of the Constituted Authority and they’ve achieved their aims. They are back to support the candidate they had always believed in.

    Are you aware that SDP has as much votes as the count of fingers and toes, and they signed the PDP/ADC/ZLP coalition? It remain PDP, ZLP (won no seat) ADC (no seat, no strength). People love Seyi no doubt, me too but the politics of the politics would not earn him victory – his political architecture is not cementedly based – following not too right formula.

    As far as Ọ̀yọ́ election is concerned, the lowest level of intelligence is to link/merge/relate/refer/compare Ajimobi with Adelabu.

    On the Ogbomoso vs Akala

    When people said they prefer to waste their vote instead of following Akala, it’s a baseless decision. They cannot forget what he’s has done for them… He’s like a demigod in Ogbomoso.

    Whether Seyi Makinde emerge or Adebayo Adelabu, I hope for a new Ọ̀yọ́ State and a better Ìbàdàn.

    Emmanuel Osele George is PR expert, Counselor, Poet, Writer, Teacher and an Author of ’10 Reasons why Success is a Must’ and can be reached through this mail –