How I mistakenly got to Zaria from Ibadan


    Nigeria, my country my land, my father and mother’s where we live as one, but with less belief in one another.

    Nigeria is a popular country in the world, especially with cyber crimes, fraudulent act and several misconducts. This makes even the citizens have little or no belief in one other when they are in contact or when it’s money-oriented.

    Personally, do you believe there’s any Nigerian with great mind out there? Do you believe in the word great nation good people?

    On a Sunday afternoon, I was bored, thinking on how to subscribe my phone again with #1000. I had recharged #200 already, needing additional #800. I thought about the pain of #800 that would be deducted using my bank account.

    I summoned courage to recharge my phone; I did. After the transaction, I received bank debit alert, but no VTU alert that I recharged ; then, I checked my phone balance maybe it would have changed to 1000, but it’s still 200. I was shocked! I stood up, what could have happened? I calmed myself down, then checked my receipt online (using bank mobile App). That’s when I realized I had mistakenly typed 0 instead of 6,the last digit.

    I felt uneasy, how do I get through this? I don’t have another #800. I was sweating profusely and quickly went to toilet. I felt like I had mistakenly transferred 800,000 to someone. I lost hope immediately, thinking that even if I called the person, he/she wouldn’t return it.

    I summoned courage; then called the number. “Good afternoon, I am Toheeb Adetunji Opeyemi calling from Ibadan.” “Hello, Ok”. The voice sounds elderly, I relaxed a bit, then talked calmly with plea. “Please Sir, you just received a message of #800 recharge card I mistakenly sent Sir. I typed 0 instead of 6. I don’t know if you can help me send it back, any amount Sir.” He said, “Ok, that’s true, is there anyway you can retract the card? Because I don’t use the line to make calls anymore and it’s about two years since I recharged it.” This is really a blow, so I told him, “No Sir, I can’t. Had it been I sent it through message, that would be easy, but it was through my bank Sir.” He replied, “Ok then, I will think about it, call me by 10am-11am on Monday.” “Thank you Sir,” I quickly replied.

    My hope was redeemed 50% with 50% thinking about it. Well, it might happen or not. Monday is here. I was a bit busy and because I don’t believe anything good can happen, I have forgotten to call him as promised. When I remembered later after 12pm, I called.

    “Good afternoon Sir, this is Toheeb Adetunji calling from Ibadan, Oyo State. Sorry I was busy that’s why I am calling now.” The old man said, “It’s Ok, I have been waiting for you. Should I send it to the initial number you wanted to send it to or the one you’re calling with?” I replied, “The one I’m calling with.” He followed with “Ok”.

    About 5 minutes later, I received his message, but I couldn’t check it till about 40 minutes later. He sent #200 and #500 recharge cardd with an apology: “Sorry, I couldn’t get 100 card here.” Wow, he sent #700! My jubilation was like when Didier Drogba score a goal.

    I called him to thank him. I guessed he noticed how happy I was. Then, he said, “Your mistake brought you to Zaria.” I was shocked! “ Respectfully, I asked him to repeatit. “ Zaria,” he responded. I couldn’t thank him enough. I was really suprised and amazed that I wished to know him in person.

    He told me he’s a Senior Lecturer at one University in Zaria. I requested his name, but he refused. However, he told me his initials which is NDA. I told him the only NDA I know is Nigeria Defense Academy (jokingly). So, I promised to call again when I get the real meaning of his initial, but I am yet to find out the meaning of NDA!

    It’s was a stressful journey to Zaria from Ibadan, though my lost hope in the citizens of this country was revived and the hope in the country itself was redeemed. I so much believe there are good Nigerians out there with great minds that we can emulate. Together we shall make Nigeria great again.

    God bless Nigeria!

    Happy Independence Day!