Hair Alert! LocsHawk

Right Side View

Hiii fam! Happy New Month once more.. Blessings on blessings people. Amen!

I’ve had a few issues with styling my locs so i went on YouTube to hunt for styles for medium lenght locs and i saw a few that i really liked. I debated between a locs spiral hairdo and a locshawk hairdo and i settled for the locshawk.. It was lit!!!

Front View

I struggled a bit with the hairdo because my locs are medium sized so i had to ensure that i could get straight lines till the middle. I also didn’t have rubber bands so i had to secure the loc lines with my locs too and it’s still really firm. I’ve had to retie about three though but it didn’t loosen up nonetheless.

Left Side View

One of the reasons for this style was i wanted to switch up from the ponytail look and try something new. I also wanted my retwists to last as i just did a new retwist on Tuesday. I’ll try thd locs spiral next and post here for you in a week or so.. Ta-ra!!!