GH Video: Spacely ft. Darkovibes – Ikechukwu


After Releasing the song two years ago, La Meme Linkster, Spacely resurfaces the tune with an adventurous Visual. After serving us with his mind-numbing hit “Digits”, the “Lamemeber” hits us with another voluble tune, and the visuals match the theme of the song accordingly.

In the new clip, directed by Spacely’s Childhood Swiss friend Chris, we see Spacely touchdown “fresh off a plane” a reference in the hook of the song, rocking Nigeria’s famous 2018 World Cup Campaign Jersey, he explores the streets whiles he sings his Nigerian-dubbed song. From wild classic streets haircuts scenery to circulated Motor bikes, Spacely blends with the song whiles his video serves as a sequel to his previous video “Digits” where fictional La Meme enforces continues his pursuit for Spacely.

He pays homage to the origin of the name as he gets on an “Okada” which escalates quickly into a police chase, letting lose lyrics like “Call me Ikechukwu” whiles La Meme law enforcer “Officer Skankey” desperately tries to stop him. In a short period there are depiction of stills, from the short scenes in a record store to basketball courts the rapper strides his style through the video. Giving an almost accurate routine of a typical Nigerian in his first verse.

If any other verse was going to sum up the homage the visuals pay to Nigeria’s culture, it was no other than a darkovibes verse.The fellow La meme star’s writing skills and personality on both the song and video is pure divertissement. On a Tank with his friends, Darkovibes stands out with his style, rapping about how he enriched his style is, capping off what looks like a fun shooting video. The video employs an array of techniques to convey entertainment ,fun rides and swag, making it an excellent masterclass.

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