France marks International Women’s Day


French president Emmanuel Macron visited a Paris-based property business on Thursday morning and declared it to be exemplary in matters of professional equality between men and women. The company, Gécina, employs almost 500 people.
The visit came as the French government draws up measures to boost gender equality in and outside the workplace after its Tour de France consultative exercise that led to around 50 suggestions.
French daily newspaper Libération made male readers pay 50 centimes more than female readers to mark International Womens Day. In the cities of Perpignon and Strasbourg, feminists and supporters renamed streets after women. Only 2% of French roads carry womens names.
In France, research from the Inequality Observatory shows women still earn on average 24% less than men for the same work.
A group of associations and unions have called on workers, male and female, to stop working at 15.40 today, the time when women could be considered to be working for free given the pay gap.