Facebook user berates #BBNaija, says Nigerians lack common sense


A facebook user identified as Sunmonu Samuel Adebayo has taken to the platform to lash out on Nigerians for not paying attention to better things but choose to focus on adults romancing and having sex on live TV.
According to the user, what we need is common sense and not every time prayer.
He also accused Nigerians of busy with the unnecessary and forgot the likes of Dapchi Girls, yet another young man who just put the country in the Guinness book of world records for a good cause.

Read his post here:

Okay I am here in church.

So this Deaconess said pray for the Dapchi girls and I did with all my heart.

Then she said “Let’s pray for Nigeria”…

I didn’t even wait to hear the rest of the prayer point.

And then I remembered, while some horny bitches and perverts were busy dry humping and having sex on live TV, a young man just put our flags in the Guinness book of world records for a good cause having read aloud for 120 hours.

But we were blind to it cos we were busy with the unnecessary.

Maybe it’s not God that we need ! Maybe it’s common sense !!

And I looked around the church; there they were disturbing God with cries of “Fix the land”. And when we all leave by 11, we are still who we were before we came to church ; gullible, greedy, inactive and a fan of foolishness and irrelevance.

It’s time for tithe and offering !!!!