Everyone been singing ‘All I Do Is Win’ wrong for years – T-Pain


American singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer, Faheem Rashad Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, has shocked fans around the world by revealing that everybody has been singing his chorus on DJ Khaled’s biggest song ‘All I Do Is Win’ wrong since it was released.
The singer began by also revealing on Twitter that fans were singing his 2007 song ‘Buy You A Drank’ incorrectly too.
“It’s ‘and then’ not ‘ooh wee’ but really it’s whatever you want it to be,” he tweeted.
For years many fans thought T Pain was actually singing “I’mma buy you a drank/ooh wee I’mma take you home with me,” in the chorus. 
When in fact, he was singing “I’mma buy you a drank/And then I’mma take you home.”
After the 32-year-old understandably received shocked messages from his fans, T Pain took things a step further by revealing the truth behind his 2010 collaboration with DJ Khaled ‘All I Do Is Win’ featuring Rick Ross, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg.
“I don’t wanna throw another wrench in your childhood but also it’s ‘Everybody hands go UP………and they stay there……….AND THEY SAY YEAH’ sorry #AlliDoIsWin I’m from #Tallahassee bro. That’s just how some of us talk.”
Most fans thought that T-Pain was singing “and they stay there” twice during the chorus.
This similarly sparked outrage from his followers on Twitter.