COVID-19: World cases hit 10million with over 500K deaths

COVID-19 World Map
COVID-19 World Map

The confirmed cases of COVID-19 surpassed 10 million on Saturday night, with the United States ad Brazil posting huge figures.

The death toll has also surpassed 500,000, according to the latest figures by

United States and Brazil are largely responsible for the huge caseload.

In a resurgence of cases, the United States posted 40,521 cases, more than 25% of the 166,410 cases recorded by 23:00 GMT.

U.S. death toll also increased to 128,132, again more than a quarter of the world’s.

Brazil also garnered high figure on Saturday night, with 33,613 cases and death toll of 57,070.

Overall, the U.S. has reported 2,589,188 cases.

Global figures are 10,052,539 confirmed cases and 500,162 deaths.

Brazil’s share in confirmed cases was 1,313,667.

Russia and India are the two other countries with cases above 500,000.

While Russia has a cumulative total of 627,646 cases by Saturday, India has 529,577.

However, both countries have been able to keep their death tolls below 20,000.

Russia’s death toll was 8,969 and India’s 16,103.

The death toll was only worse in Britain( 43,514), Italy(34,716) and Spain 28,341.

Outside of Europe, Mexico and Iran have also reported high number of deaths.

Mexico has 25,779 and Iran 10,364.