CAN Is Part of Nigeria Problem – Prophet Samuel


Nigeria is the most populous African country that is nearly equally divided between Christian and Islam, though the exact ratio is uncertain. But among all the religions in Nigeria, Islam and Christianity record large numbers of adherents and the country’s politics is almost based on the two religious divides according to information.

Meanwhile, thousands of men, women and children have been killed in Nigeria in what the country’s Christian community are condemning as “ethnic cleansing”.

This has no doubt attracted international condemnation from different societal groups all over the world. Some claimed that the sole purpose of these attacks is aimed at ethnic cleansing, land grabbing and forceful ejection of the Christian natives from their ancestral land and heritage while some blame this on the fact that, corruption has enfeebled the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN and made it ill-equipped to protect Christians.

In this regard, Prophet Dr. G.k Samuel, the general overseer of Christ Is Able Apostolic Mission who is widely known as Omo  Arugbo Orun condemned the association and accused them of been one of the major problem affecting the country.

He however advise the association to disassociate themselves from partisan politics and focus on moving the association to the promised land.

In his words, he said “CAN for instance, is not functioning as a body. I as a prophet I don’t know the stand of CAN in all what is happening in the country. Whether CAN have their own political candidate or group because CAN major interest should be fighting for the welfare of the churches not putting mouth in politics and if there is anything happening in the government that is affecting the churches, it is the duty of CAN to address it but now CAN is zero.

The association is part of the people creating problem for the country. If you accuse Muslims of trying to Islamized the country through Islamic Banking, then Christians too should try and Christianized the country through free schools, agricultural development and other social amenities.

With what is happening in the country, if people like Oyedepo Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor Adeboye, T.B Joshua, Oyakilomen just to mention few can come together and said, lets move poverty out of this country even if it is farming, let us donate acres of land for farming, Nigeria will experience what we called a dramatically turn around.” The dynamic spiritually filled pastor concluded.