Book Launch: POT – Ojo Oluwaseun Olamilekan


Good morning fam! Merry Easter Sunday!!! Our Lord Jesus is risen.. Hallelujah somebody!!! Amidst all of the celebrations, let us all not forget the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in our lives.

This blessed morning, i am very excited to present to you about a book written by a dear friend and colleague, Ojo Oluwaseun Olamilekan. It’s titled POT. I know we are all wondering what “POT” means. Is the author referring to the household cooking material? Is it symbolic? Does the author have a completely different meaning of “POT”? All these questions can be answered by downloading the book and reading for yourself. In order to spark your interest a bit more, this is what the author has to say about the book “POT”.

The first time I used the word “POT” was  during a conversation in a  WhatsApp group chat with my course mates. That was how  I got inspired.

Even when many questioned me on what POT really meant, I remained resolute not to misinform them. Instead,I started the cursus of defining what relationship humans are to POT.

Today,I remain indebted to everyone that spurred me to discover what humans are truly synonymous to.

POT is not just like every other books we come across in libraries and tables of every readers at home and in office. It is more than a piece of a belletrical jargons weaved into books. 
It is a medicine. It is a pain killer. It is a story of an irregular being whom, against all odds,  fought his way to rewriting his story.The book also features daily life activities of the author coupled with poems originally written by the author.

Happy Reading POT(s). 

Hmm… intriguing, yes? I’m just as curious as you. I will be giving a detailed review later on when i also go through my copy of the book. The author has also decided to give out the book for free. You read me right. FREE! Just click on the cover page above and download your very own “cha  cha” copy. There’s also a link provided below. This is his Easter gift to you all.

It also fits that, as readers, we should know a bit about our author. That way, we are able to relate with him and his book on a more personal level. Below is a brief bio of the author.

The Author

Ojo Oluwaseun Olamilekan is a graduate of Mass Communication from The Polytechnic,
Ibadan. He hails from Ikare Akoko area of Ondo State. He works partially as a Teacher,
Content Editor and also doubles as a graphics designer. More so, Ojo is a poet who draws
his inspirations from the daily hiccups of life. “POT” is the first maiden publication of the
author. He is currently working on another superb, eye opening and highly instructional
book titled ‘Fish’.

Do have a lovely day and enjoy the celebrations. Ta-ra!