Beauty Tips: Harmattan 1-oh-1


Hiii fam! I hope you’re good? Soo, in view of this our column, I’ve decided to start dropping a beauty tip here everyday so we are updated on some elements we should incorporate into our beauty regimes. Since were currently in the harmattan period, here are some tips i havr culled from several sources on the internet just for you.. and me too.


Never skip moisturising

Some people escape moisturizing on a daily basis but when it’s harmattan season, don’t even try that. Though It’s absolutely necessary to always moisturize the skin -during harmattan or normally.

To ensure the skin stays nourished, supple and glowing, you need to lock in moisture. Make sure you use moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and not greasy that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Tip- Always moisturize using a light body butter post shower, this helps to lock in moisture ensuing your skin does not dry out. Don’t forget to use a non-greasy but deeply moisturizing lotion.

(You can also add oil [baby oil, coconut oil, etc] to your normal body cream/lotion if it doesn’t last long on your skin during this harmattan period.

Check back tomorrow for another Harmattan 1-oh-1 tip.. Ta-ra!