Afrobeats star, Pawzz comes through with debut EP “Prezz Play”

Afrofusion artist, Pawzz

Fast-rising Afro-Fusion artist, David Tokuma Dekor popularly known as Pawzz, has shared an Afrocentric 5-track project titled “Prezz Play“, an EP to tell a few stories in the most dynamic and upbeat approach that cements his arrival on the Nigerian music scene.

Following many months of development under Freeme Music, Nigeria’s leading indigenous record label, Pawzz collaborates with talented music producers to serve a multi-generic body of work showcasing his vocal dexterity and emphasizing his lyrical strengths.

Prezz Play” the EP comes a week after Pawzz’s debut single “Koma” was released. The project cuts across Afrobeats, Afropop, Alté, Afro-Fusion, R&B, and Amapiano. It is an exuberant display of good energy and evergreen melodies that capture Pawzz’s ideologies as he continues to rebel against traditional conventions, negativity, and bad energy.

Prezz Play Tracklist by Pawzz
Prezz Play Tracklist by Pawzz

Born in 2002, Pawzz often reflects on the doggedness of being a Port-Harcourt city native and the perilousness of living in Lagos. Pawzz, who hails from Benue State, is self determined to lead his generation away from social public opinion which tends to limit creativity and self-actualization.

Produced by Suppa Sound, “My Mind” employs a subdued tempo but still has an energetic flow with the almost-reggae like style Pawzz uses to profess his love to a significant other as well as wish blessings and prayers onto the people that have supported him the most on this journey.

In the lead single from the project “Koma,” produced by Hitsound, Pawzz changes up the tempo to get his listeners on their feet. The Spanish riffs on the guitar and his crooning in pidgin, “Shebi you get the signal,” automatically send his listeners to the club or beautiful Caribbean Island to escape and groove.

Produced by Cloud, ” Gauge” brings two major African sounds together: Afrobeats and Amapiano. It’s a perfect blend for lovers of both sounds and invites nightlife lovers to add color to their experiences.


“Suga,” a pop song produced by both Hitsound and Suppa Sound, is where Pawzz’s vocal abilities truly shine. Pawzz sings about desire and longing and his approach to how he expresses himself in the song is reminiscent of a Country-Rock sound which has never been seen in Afrobeats before.

Pawzz tests our ability to imagine on “Body On Body”, a perfect R&B tune to enhance our sensuality and inspire us to give more to our lovers.

Pawzz is the newcomer that everyone needs to pay attention to. “Prezz Play” is a command, asserted with confidence, coolness and certainty that once you indeed press play; you will have an unforgettable auditory and visual experience with Pawzz as you listen and imagine.

STREAM “Prezz Play” Here.