​Tottenham midfielder, Dele Alli’s sex tape leaked


A sex tape of Tottenham and England midfielder, Dele Alli is being widely circulated on social media on Monday.
The sex tape showed the player receiving oral sex from an unknown woman.
What seems clear is that Alli’s iCloud account has been hacked.
The filming of the event appeared to be with the consent of the Tottenham star and the woman.

It’s unclear who filmed the video in the first place. And it’s also unclear how the video has now appeared in the public domain.

One has to assume that Dele Alli wasn’t the person who shared this with the rest of the public.

It should also be pointed out the the video seems to be from a long time ago. That’s because Dele Alli is tattoo-less, however these days the Tottenham star has added plenty of ink to his body.

As the video goes viral, the social media reaction has got much louder.
Happening just after the Liverpool match in the Premier League on Sunday, many are accusing Liverpool fans of being behind the leak.
Liverpool fans have had a history of getting rival footballers in trouble this season.