​Sex doll isn’t bad By Ojiebun John Taiwo


Yeah, I said it. Few of you might think I’m crazy or out of my mind to have said something that goes against everything our society and religion stands for. That is why you have to understand that because I said it’s not bad doesn’t mean I would ever agree it’s good either.

It’s clear that those who made the sex doll might not even use it, most of them are just in it to make money and For every business idea, the entrepreneur must have seen a need for it in the society, a need of men that women have always taken for granted and seen no reason to change till someone exploited it.

Now, let me ask you something, before the invention of sex dolls, you want to tell me you didn’t know they already exist as humans? As a lady You’re in a relationship or marriage, you’re not intelligent, smart, caring, Comforting or hardworking, the only thing you contribute is sex then tell me, what’s the difference between you and a sex doll? So next time you condemn a sex doll, condemn yourself first.

Okay, let’s assume you’re in the relationship just to spend the man’s money and have sex with him, your choice, no problem. Now you met a man 10 years ago and the same way you had sex is still what you do till now, nothing had changed about your sex life, my sister in this case the sex doll is even better than you because it can do more than what you can imagine when it comes to sex.

The sex doll can have meaningful conversation  with you, did you see that ‘meaningful conversation’ but all you do From morning till night as a lady who claims sex doll is ‘have you eaten?’, ‘How’s your day going?’, ‘hope you’re fine?’, ‘I’m sure you’d take care of yourself’ with your partner, why shouldn’t the sex dolls replace you especially if you have have a partner who sees nothing bad about it?

Also, the sex dolls learn very fast. Do you know how many times your partner has tried to help you remember important things or make you never forget things that a crucial. Sometimes you forget, most times you just don’t see a reason why they’re important for you to remember them and here you’re saying sex dolls are bad.

Therefore, because I have said this doesn’t mean I see the female gender as been inferior to the male, we have a lot of males who have just two duties at home too, have sex and drop money. If I’m a lady, I earn enough money, why can’t I just replace you with a sex doll too since you’ve already posed as one already. And so you know, production of advanced male sex toys is ongoing already which means, just as some females have neglected some virtues, men too have.

More so, for people who have already decided to just have kids and be single or those who are just insatiable irrespective of whatever their partners do for them, your case is in a league of its own and even if you get a sex doll, you’d still not find what you’re looking for so don’t bother, you need more of a psychological change than a doll.

The arrival of sex dolls is just a wake up call for some partners who have long abandoned few of their basic virtues and clung to just sex and procreation. It’s obvious that sex dolls were not basically about sex but what we fail to do apart from having sex Before we clear off the market from sex dolls, let’s clear our society of human sex dolls and the people who might be interested in buying them would see no reason to buy them in the first place.

If we can’t clear the society of sex dolls, let’s clear the need for it in the first place.
I stand against sex dolls.

Ojiebun John Taiwo

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