​Nicki Minaj under pressure to cut ties with H&M


American rapper, Nicki Minaj is being pressured to speak out against H&M’s racist ad.

A social media backlash forced the retailer to cancel its campaign where a child model was seen at the centre of an H&M ‘racism’ photo shoot wearing a jumper emblazoned with ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’.

Celebrities such as basketball star LeBron James and footballer Romelu Lukaku hit back.

The Weeknd went so far as to terminate his relationship with the Swedish fashion chain as the furore went viral.

Remember, Rapper G-Eazy, and Jesse Williams have also cut ties. But Nicki, who has a line with H&M, hasn’t publicly spoken out.

Nicki quietly deleted the H&M pics from her Instagram. Nicki had a collection with them and has appeared in their ads.
Meanwhile, the mom of the young model has spoken out. She’s reportedly from Sweden. She sees nothing wrong with the ad and says everybody should “get over it.”

In a surprise twist however Terry Mango has since come out in defence of H&M, writing on Facebook: “[I] am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled. Stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here. Get over it.”

Mango revealed that she had been present during the shoot designed to promote a £7.99 hoodie on its US and UK websites but conceded that ‘everyone was entitled to their opinion’ as regards the offensiveness of the image.