​Meet Bogolo Joy Kenewendo, Botswana’s youngest ever minister


In 21st century, women are breaking boundaries and carving a niche in what are predominantly male sectors. One of many crates is 31-year-old economist, Bogolo Joy Kenewendo who became the youngest MP in the Botswana’s history.
Bogolo has been appointed as Botswana’s Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry; the youngest MP in the country’s history.

Bogolo, became internet sensation, after news broke of her appointment, with many lauded her for attaining such an office and trusted with such responsibilities at such a young age.

The hope is that more young people would strive to be counted and to partake in the administration of their respective nations either as elected representatives or as appointees.

Her appointment comes two years after being a member of parliament under former President Ian Khama.

Though relatively young, her portfolio is full of being given roles that demand utmost responsibility. She was a member of staff in the ministry of trade and industry in Ghana; working as a trade economist. One can say this was her learning curve and precursor to her appointment as the minister of trade in her home country.

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo is said to be passionate about development and poverty eradication. She is also a passionate activist for women rights and empowerment leading to the founding of Molaya Kgosi, a women leadership and mentorship programme.