​INTERVIEW: I’ll be all over the world doing great in few years – Tush


Music has continued to gain more ground in the Nigerian Entertainment industry as the numbers of up- – and-coming artistes increase. What distinguishes the good from the dire ones are the zeal, persistence and passion they showcase in their songs on their sojourn to stardom.

Tush Ayaga proofs to be among the ones ready to get the better of the industry with his resourcefulness.

The Regular News Team had a snap chat with the Ibadan-based Afro-Po Atiste where he reveals how he is using his flexibility to spread his wings in the entertainment industry, his project and others. Excerpt:

Tell us a bit about your background.

My name is Dauda Mubarak Babatunde, born and raised in the city of Ibadan, I attended Abadina College, University of Ibadan. I graduated from the department of agricultural extension Ladoke Akintola University of Technology LAUTECH.

When did you begin your music career?
Music has been what I love for a very long time. I grew up in a family of all boys. I and my brothers back then listen to songs like plantation boys, so music is actually what I love. I have been doing music since I was in Jss2 and recorded my first song, I did four tracks then.
I write my songs, so I knew from onset that music is in me. I get inspired by things  happening around me, basically I started music when I was at the age of  13.

Tush Ayaga

Describe your style of music.
I am a flexible artist, I can do anything, I can switch to any genre, I even have a rap song in my up coming EP, which I did just for me to check my versatility, but basically I am an Afro Hip-hop artist.

What inspired your kind of music?
Nigeria basically worship the Afro Hip-hop. Afro which is the African style so we add up the Hip-hop. So, like I said I got inspired by what’s happening around me. Let me just say it’s what the flow brings to my mind.

How did you combine Music with education?
After recording my first four tracks while in JSS2, I went low and focused on my education until when I’m almost through with school.
I started music again during my 5th year (Second semester 500L) in University. I was new in the industry, but it’s not really cumbersome, there are few fans and less expectations.  

What was your parents reaction to your decision to go into Music? 
There’s been so much love, my mom has been so supportive, but my Dad is just there neutral, he’s not supporting nor against. This is what I love doing so I believe they just have to respect my decision.

Who are your role models music industry?  
Everyone putting up a great work is my role model, but there are some people I look up to,  those that I feel one day I can do up-to or better than them. I have always loved 2face, D’banj, Wizkid, Rekado Banks, Lil Kesh, those young new acts are doing great and I look up to them.

Your latest single, Aya Ni is a love song, what inspired the song? 
The song has to do with what I have been going through. When I drop new songs, I want people to listen to them and  express feedback on their feeling about the song, but many times people don’t seem to get the real message.
People majorly thought Aya Ni was just a love song. The message I was trying to pass has to do with what I am going through in my relationship and what people are going through.
The pressure when a guy met a lady, the guy might need to take his time to hustle hard before he’s ready, but the lady might be ready. People should just try and be calm because what would be would definitely be. Don’t rush, then compare yourself to anybody. Your right partner will surely show up.

Are you currently signed to any record label ?
I am presently not signed to any record label, but I believe when the right time comes a good record label will fall in. But for now I am pushing my music myself and God has been there for me.

As an upcoming act, what are the setbacks you face?
As an upcoming act, I don’t think there’s any set back, even without a record label. The first thing I consider is God, I have many friends under record label and they are not performing up-to my level.

The record label will only do what it has to do for you. You being an artiste, everything fall back to you, its your career, you own at least 70% of the hustle. I believe any hard time you go through will prepare you for the better.

Tush entertaining guests

Where did you see yourself and music in Five years 
Most of the interviews I have done the question is always five years ,but for me I think five years is too much. I believe in the next three years I see myself doing great.

Ibadan is my home and I will be able to capture it very well. The next big thing is Lagos, I believe in the next few years is I can capture Lagos market, then to the world.

Are planning to move to Lagos?
Definitely, I am planning to move to Lagos, though, most artistes do believe that you have to reach Lagos before you can make it big because Lagos is a commercial market and Nigeria entertainment hub.
I just believe that in everything you do, you have to leave your comfort zone, you need to move further and ahead. I just believe that moving to Lagos, if that’s the next stage of the movement, with time I will also leave Lagos to focus on Europe and America stuff.

What inspired the song, Óda ó?
When you start something new, even if it’s business either you are good or not people will show you love at first because most people don’t expect it from you but with time maybe after a month you doing it. People already know you with it. Then they want best from you. They want you to be perfect, just like Wizkid and Davido.
So when I started Music, I’m not rushing in the song, the message I was trying to pass across was that people should be patient with me because everything takes time, it takes big artistes years to become big. They don’t just woke up and become big, it’s a gradual process.

You have just released the visual for your song, Come with somebody. What should your fans be expecting now?
About my video, “Come with Somebody” I believe it’s part of the plan, it’s not stopping anything, I dropped that and I am moving on to the next one which is dropping my EP by January 2018, then I will be doing the EP concert too.
The EP consists of 7 tracks produced by different producers.