​Flood halts residents movement in Ibadan after downpour


Residents of Ogbere-Idi osan, an area of Oluyole local government of Ibadan, Oyo State have witnessed yet another flood in the area following a downpour in the late hour of Monday. 
The flood denied many access to their houses as there was no bridge that link Muslim area with Ogbere-Idi osan where those affected reside.
When speaking with one Mr Lawal, a resident of the affected area, said this has been their predicament any time there is rain fall in the town. 

TRN correspondent gathered that the half-collapsed bridge that link Muslim area with Ogbere-Idi osan has been responsible for people’s death even this year, since the start of the raining season. 

Aderemi Moruff, another resident of the area claimed that that is how they’ve always stayed at the river bank until the flood is reduced and safe to pass, otherwise, anyone who proves stubborn could meet his untimely death as they’ve recorded in the past. 

The residents of the area have continued to appealed to the State  government to come to their aid and rescue the yearly death they record in the area.