​Black Panther to be shown in Saudi Arabia cinemas after 35 years ban


The groundbreaking Marvel’s movie, Black Panther will be the first movie, screened in Saudi Arabia cinemas following the lifted ban of 35 years.

The movie will take a place of pride in Saudi Arabia cinema history.

The ultra-conservative kingdom recently lifted the ban on cinemas in its 35th year.

According to Variety, Disney and Italia Film, its Middle East distribution partner, is set to release the Marvel blockbuster on April 18 in Saudi Arabia—this premiere will break the country’s 35-year cinema ban.

The screening will hold in a new AMC-branded movie theatre in Riyadh with a gala premiere.

Black Panther “will mark the first public screening in the kingdom since movie theatres were banned in the early 1980s after Saudi Arabia adopted ultraconservative religious standards in 1979. Removal of the ban, announced last December, is part of a drive by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to transform Saudi society,” Variety says.

Black Panther continues to surpass box office records and is now the fifth highest-grossing movie of all time in North America. It is also part of the top ten highest grossing movies in the world and is set to surpass Titanic.

The movie is by far the highest grossing movie with a black actor playing the lead role.